The fast paced growth in the industrialisation and the huge demand from diverse sectors has further emphasised the need to adopt factory automation solutions to meet and cater to this demand. The MSME and SME sector contributes hugely as the most important supply chain partner in the entire eco system. But are they ready to implement and adopt “Future of Automation “ ? Is the pertinent question which needs an answer and an effective solutions.


Traditionally the lack of adoption of automation is multifold mainly due to lack of know – how, training and skill on how to implement and use the automation solutions effectively. Which type and how much of automation solutions tis needed and many more such questions are the deterrent to adopt automation solutions. Now that India is poised to offer the world as a strong manufacturing hub to cater to global demands. Automation adoption penetration, training and skill development at grass root level is mandatory.


“Automation for Smart Manufacturing” (ASM) is conceptualised to exactly fill this gap by imparting technical sessions ,workshops, training session by industry experts, thought leaders , academicians and enable the MSME and SME sector at large to adopt the future of automation. ASM will be doing various interventions going forward and go to various industrial cities to further create an opportunity to technology and automation adoption across the manufacturing sector.

Come join us in our mission to penetrate automation in the Indian manufacturing sector and empower MSME and SME industry.